Will One Direction Ever Return To Texas?

One Direction visited Texas in 2014, but they decided to forgo the area during their 2015 tour. Since it was One Direction’s last tour, the big question remains whether they will respond to the hashtag “1DAddSanantonioOTRA” eventually and return to the state. The good news for 1D fans is that they will likely return, but perhaps not for a concert in 2016. While there is a chance that the band will reunite for a world tour in 2016 or 2017 (depending on Simon Cowell’s ever-changing hints), there are other ways they could end up in Texas, again.

One Direction has solo music coming up

Although One Direction is on vacation as a band, there have been rumors that all of the past or present members of 1D have solo music on the way for the end of 2016 or early 2017. Naturally, once they make albums, they may want to come to Texas to visit their fans. Of course, Zayn Malik is no longer in the band and has had some anxiety issues related to performing solo, but he might be the first One Direction member to show up to play a concert in Texas. This is especially likely since he already has his solo album completed and might want to promote a second one.

One Direction are interested in things other than music

While Louis Tomlinson is being a dad and Liam Payne is glued to his girlfriend Cheryl, the possibility of Harry Styles or Niall Horan visiting the state of Texas for non-music business is a possibility. Namely, Harry Styles is working as an actor, and he could potentially accept a role that is filmed on-location in Texas. A chance to see Niall Horan in Texas could also be a reality if he decides to follow a golf tour to the state.

The real question: What about Rainbow Bondage Bear?

Larry Stylinson fans are likely to have a special connection to Rainbow Bondage Bear, but what about this unofficial mascot making an appearance in Texas? Sadly, there have been few updates about Rainbow Bondage Bear since the end of their 2015 tour, but One Direction fans in Texas are especially remiss because Rainbow Bondage Bear was just starting out in August 2014 when 1D played Houston. This means that Texas fans have not yet met Sugar Baby Bear because this informal One Direction mascot was not added until their 2015 tour.

Remembering One Direction in Texas

During the 2015 OTRA tour, One Direction fans were on fire on Twitter organizing the audience in every city. For example, Baltimore’s One Direction fans had specific duties for each song the band might play. “Night Changes” was a particular favorite for audience participation, and many cities activated apps to make the audience gleam with different colored lights or handmade signs. While Houston, El Paso and San Antonio all had a chance to see One Direction in 2014, there are few indicators online that they specifically avoided Texas for a particular reason.

Particular reasons One Direction might have avoided Texas

Unfortunately, there are a few things that could have held One Direction back from touring Texas again. The first possibility is that One Direction was not able to strike the kind of financial bargain they needed to tour Texas. Since most of their ticket sales are usually sold out, this might mean One Direction’s problem was with the venues in Texas. Another theory is that Texas has special laws for performers that One Direction might not want to deal with. Finally, a reason that Texas might not have been a probability may pertain to One Direction’s travel/work visa details, the fact they did not have enough time for a full tour or they may have had insurance coverage issues that conflicted with Texas law.

Maybe they will just show up anyway?

One Direction might also make the trip to Texas just to say hello to their fans while they are on vacation. This theory might especially be true if One Direction decides to extend their current 2016 (possibly 2017) reunion. For this reason, it is safe to assume that One Direction will eventually tour again in Texas… if they ever reunite as a band.

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